Keratin Treatment - From $204-$350+
Embrace a life free from frizz with our Keratin Treatment, a service meticulously designed to significantly reduce frizz and enhance manageability. Pricing may vary based on additional steps included in some Keratins. Please be aware that the cost is influenced by the Stylist’s Level, scheduled time, and your hair volume. For detailed pricing and to explore your options, schedule a complimentary consult. Rest assured, all our services and pricing are gender-neutral, ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone.
Customized Treatment - Starting at $35+
Elevate your salon experience by adding a personalized touch with our Customized Treatment. Pamper your hair with bespoke care that it truly deserves. Enhance any existing service with this indulgent treatment, leaving your strands radiant with vitality and beauty.


Extentions - Requires Consultation
Transform your look with our Extensions service, featuring Invisible Bead Extensions. These extensions create length, density, and custom color seamlessly. The hand-tied wefts blend effortlessly with no damage to natural hair, offering endless styling possibilities, including ponytails and braids. For a tailored experience, a consultation is necessary to discuss your unique preferences and determine the right extensions for you.